Welcome to Forest Street Primary School

Forest Street Primary School, located in Wendouree, Ballarat, is a vibrant educational institution that embodies the values of collaboration and individualized learning. It thrives as a robust learning community, recognizing the significance of collective efforts involving various stakeholders in a child's education: students, parents, caregivers, and teachers. This collaborative approach is regarded as the most effective means to attain exceptional learning results.

Central to Forest Street's ethos is the acknowledgment and celebration of the distinctive qualities that each child brings as a learner. By partnering with parents and caregivers, the school's dedicated staff create an environment where every child's uniqueness is treasured. Through this harmonious alliance, the school ensures that each student is empowered to achieve their highest potential in learning and personal growth.

For All Children

School is a place where all children should feel safe and happy. When children are feeling secure in their school environment, only then can they reach their learning potential.

Class Size

The average class size at Forest Street is 20 students. With smaller class sizes, students are able to receive more focused teaching at their point-of-need, making sure that all students are learning at their level.

Positive Learning Behaviours

We strive to instill the four positive learning behaviours in all of our students: Being Organised, Staying Determined, Having a Go, and Working Together.

Students wearing Forest St PS uniform
Students take great pride in wearing the two blues and a red at Forest Street Primary. 

"All Children Learn At High Levels"

Our belief is that all children have the potential to achieve great things. By finding the child's talents and interests, learning is tailored to suit their needs.

Focused Teaching and Learning


Minimum hours focused Literacy and Numeracy learning a week

3 - 4

Specialist classes a week


Hours Inquiry Learning a week

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the play areas like?

We are lucky to have a wide range of play spaces available to students. These include large oval areas, multiple-use courts as well as covered playgrounds and sandpits. Forest Street also recently install an outdoor learning space and stage for students to use.

What access to technology do students have?

Forest Street Primary School is a leading school with the use of technology. Each classroom has access to Chromebooks – the leading educational device in USA, and quickly becoming popular in Australia. These devices are in the classroom for the use of students whenever the learning suits

What can be offered before and after school times?

Forest Street Primary School offers a Breakfast Club four days a week before school. Students can come along from 8:15 am and enjoy a free breakfast providing by generous donors in the community. We also have multiple sessions of Active After School Sport throughout each term, with local community sportspeople holding clinics and teaching skills until 4:30 pm.

What are the uniform options?

Students at our school wear the two blues and a red with pride. There are many options regarding short or long pants, polo tops, and jumpers or jackets – for both boys and girls. Girls may also wear school dresses. Grade 6 students can show-off their school leadership by wearing their Grade 6 polos and jumpers.