Broadening Horizons

Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The interdependence of countries and communities requires people to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures. A bilingual or plurilingual capability is the norm in most parts of the world.

Forest Street Primary involves students in learning Chinese from the start of school. Jung Laoshi involves students in learning not only the language but also the cultures and customs of China and Chinese-speaking countries. This involves students learning traditional songs and chants, as well as the importance of different holidays and traditions.

"Learning a language contributes to the strengthening of the community’s social, economic and international development capabilities."

Chinese class is always fun for students. Not only do they learn the culture and language of a beautiful land, but are able to extend their own literacy repertoire by developing a greater understanding of the nature of communication.

Students will develop an understanding of how culture shapes and extends their understanding of themselves, their own heritage, values, beliefs, culture and identity.