The Arts

Forest Streets Primary School boasts a successful arts program covering both visual and performing arts. Students take part in art classes at least once a week, right from the beginning of Foundation.

Students are proud of the art they create in these classes, which is shown throughout the school. Specialist art teacher, Karen Wray, has a strong belief in teaching all the skills needed for students to unlock their creativity.

Visual and performing arts are about students connecting with themselves, connecting with what speaks to them. Although Art classes may cover a theme, individuality is apparent in the variety of beautiful art that is produced.

Along with the visual side of art, students take part in performing arts classes regularly. Students from Foundation to Grade 6 take part in whole school performances, giving parents and friends a chance to see their loved ones performing on the big stage.

There is also a school choir, “Voices of the Forest”, led by the brilliant Miss Sarah Hirst. This choir practices every week and often performs outside of the school at special functions and events. The choir performances are always met with praise.