At Forest Street Primary School, we believe that by providing students with rich tasks that are fun, engaging and relate to real life experiences, we are preparing them with the skills, strategies, attitudes and knowledge to face ever changing, modern day challenges.

Ongoing Assessment and Preparation

Using our scope and sequence, teachers work in teams to plan each term in a sequential order so that students can build on their knowledge throughout the year. Content is also integrated into other curriculum areas to enhance learning opportunities and experiences. Every week, teachers are provided with time to analyse data, including pre and post assessments, student opinions, work samples and anecdotal notes and then to plan the next week’s learning sequence. Once a week, students are provided with an extra opportunity to consolidate their learning, by working on activities in teams, in addition to extra focus groups who work with teachers for enrichment and extension. All of our teaching is based on the content and developmental sequences outlined in the curriculum and more specifically in our book of knowledge ‘Teaching Primary Mathematics’ by George Booker.

Mathematics Expectations

Our vision is that all students see themselves as Mathematicians. To achieve this, some of our school wide expectations are:

Lesson Structure

In order to maintain routine, engagement and consistency across the school, there are agreed lesson structures implemented in each lesson:

"We provide students with rich tasks that are fun, engaging and relate to real life experiences."


At Forest Street Primary School, staff are constantly provided with professional development to improve teacher practice, to ensure that we are supporting students who require enrichment and extension. We also provide selected students in the upper year levels with the opportunity to participate in QuickSmart Numeracy. This program provides additional enrichment to students for a variety of number facts that can then be used directly in the classroom